(pronounced “Mi-ken”)


By harnessing your core through form, focus and precision, you will tap into a power chamber that will dramatically improve your strength, stability, stamina and speed.  A certified personal fitness trainer for more than a decade, Majken Poulsen has created a highly successful protocol designed specifically to develop your core.  Whether you are a serious athlete, a weekend warrior or in need of toning or weight-loss, Majken will help you to achieve your personal fitness goals beginning with the development of a balanced and conditioned core using a methodology that engages a body, mind and soul connection, an approach she refers to as “training from within.” 

Exuding exuberance and endless energy and enthusiasm, Majken uniquely motivates and inspires each client as they follow a customized training plan that she tailors to their individual needs.  Possessing extensive and intimate knowledge of the body from her years as a licensed deep tissue massage therapist, training clients and as a competitive athlete herself, she knows how to add muscle to the body, meticulously sculpt and chisel the physique, lose weight and reduce body fat, and rehabilitate injured areas.  Majken built her own body into a muscle-bound bodybuilder, shed muscle to become an endurance runner and a cyclist, and further nipped and tucked her form naturally to work as a fashion and sports model.  Passionately she thrives at the challenge of changing the body, which she fosters for an expansive array of clients including those that require special care such as the elderly, the injured, the obese and those recovering from eating disorders.     

Practicing the principles of what she has termed “the ABC’s of the joints and core – alignment, balance and conditioning” – Majken analyzes and studies your body mechanics, efficiency, and muscular balances and imbalances, which reduces the risk of injury.  The aim is to improve neuromuscular coordination and reflexes along with increasing the strength, flexibility, endurance and stability of the core muscles.  To help her clients reach optimal health and fitness and accomplish peak performances, Majken prescribes training regimens and techniques utilizing gravity, resistance, explosive movements, plyometrics and active isolated stretching (AIS). 

Born and raised in Denmark, Majken helped develop two personal training divisions for S.A.T.S., a leading fitness chain in her native country.  She has authored magazine columns and features on health and fitness, including training programs and tips, motivation, mental focus, and living a healthy lifestyle.  A recognized authority, Majken was invited to lecture at health and fitness conferences, corporations and businesses in both Denmark and Los Angeles, the latter of which has been her home for nearly seventeen years.  She has rehabbed herself after a series of injuries – the hazard of being a stunt woman in such films as Ocean’s 13 and television shows including CSI: Miami, House, Charmed and Justice.  As a model, Majken has appeared on almost a dozen magazine covers and was featured in television and print ads for Nike, Avia, Aquafina, EAS Advantage, Mizuno, Champion, AXE, Verizon Wireless, Centrum, Bud Light, Coors Light and Michelob Ultra. 


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