Client Testimonials:

"What makes Majken stand out from the rest of personal trainers is her dedication to her job. Fitness training is clearly Majken's vocation, and she is absolutely committed to bring every one of her clients to a top shape. Training with Majken has given me a new insight and motivation! While training with her before my Honolulu marathon I saw changes in my body in such a short period of time. I am really lucky to have had the chance to have met Majken."

Abir Alameddine, PhD Student, 6 times Marathoner, 2 times Triathlete, Newport Beach, CA

Because Majken is also a friend of mine, training with her was always 
a bonus since it was an excuse to spend some time together.  
Sometimes my stomach hurt as much from laughing as from focused, 
intense exercise!  At other times, I've left the gym after a session 
quivering and nauseous.  Ironically, that's when I really felt 
alive!  She is very good at pushing people to their fullest 
potential, regardless of their fitness level.  I was always impressed 
by her attention to perfect form and technique which translated into 
rapid results.  Each exercise is very "intentional", focusing on the 
areas that need the most work.  A training session includes cardio, 
lifting and stretching- a perfect recipe for maximum health and 
wellness.  If you want results, and if you are indeed committed to 
fitness, you won't find a better trainer.

Greg Mason, 41, Hollywood

"Majken is not only one of the most intelligent trainers I have worked out with but she is the best! From day one she allowed room for as much dedication as I wanted to put forth and utilized that to prove results. I have noticed such an amazing difference in my shape, tone, and as a result loss in inches and size. Hearing the compliments is encouraging but more so the energy level and appreciation I have for being in shape has a whole new positive perception to me. I would strongly recommend Majken to ANYONE as I have found it worth a life changing experience!"

Jeanne McCollister, 28, Brentwood, CA

"Jeg har haft dårlig ryg et helt liv. Havde efterhånden prøvet alt og mistet troen på, at jeg nogensinde skulle få en ryg der ikke gjorde ondt hver dag. Jeg begynder at gå til svømning i Århus og i forbindelse med svømmehallen var der et fitness-center. Jeg havde prøvet det mange gange uden nogen positiv effekt på min ryg. Så kom jeg i kløerne på Majken. Jeg fik hende som min personlige træner 8 gange. 8 gange! Det var hvad Majken behøvede for at give mig troen på at min ryg var OK. 8 gange og daglige rygsmerter var en sage blot. 8 gange hvor hun pressede mig ud over kanten. Hun hersede med mig så jeg troede min sidsste time var kommet! 8 gange og jeg kunne se på "staklerne" der var meget dårligere end mig! Det blev ganske enkelt et vendepunkt i mit liv. Jeg laver den dag i dag dagligt øvelser fra Majkens program. Min ryg skal holdes vedlige, men nu ved jeg jo hvad jeg skal. Det er 5 år siden jeg havde den glæde at lære Majken at kende. Jeg ved det præcist for det var op til mit sølvbryllup og mit store ønske var at kunne rette ryggen den dag. Det kunne jeg. Det skal siges at det havde jeg ikke kunnet siden jeg var 16 år, så for mig var det stort. Min eneste beklagelse omkring Majken er, at hun valgte at henlægge sine aktiviteter til Staterne. Set ud fra et meget egoistisk sysnspunkt havde jeg - af mere end en grund - foretrukket at hun stadig befandt sig i Danmark"
Jeg kan kun give Majken mine allerbedste anbefalinger."

 "I have had back aches my whole life. Had pretty much tried everything and lost the faith in ever having a back without daily pain. I begin to swim (in Aarhus, Denmark) and connected with the pool is a fitness center. I had tried it many times without any positive effect on my back. Then I got in the hands of Majken. I had her as my Personal Trainer 8 times. 8 Times! That was all Majken needed to bring back my faith that my back was going to be OK. 8 Times and daily back pains were a thing of the past. 8 Times where she pushed me to the limit. She ordered me around so I thought my last hour had come. 8 Times and I could look at the "poor souls" much worse off than me! It simply became a turning point in my life. To this day I daily practice the exercises from Majken's program. My back needs daily care, but now I know what to do. It has been 5 years since I had the pleasure of getting to know Majken. I know that exactly, because it was close to my 25th wedding anniversary to my husband and a great wish of mine was to be able to stand up straight. I did. It should be mentioned that I had not been able to do that, since I was 16 years old, so to me is was huge. My only complaint about Majken is that she chose to re-direct to The States. From a very egotistically point of view I would have preferred - for more than one reason - that she still would be in Denmark. I can only give Majken my very best recommendations." 

Anette Kristensen, 48, Denmark

"Majken is a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation to me, amazing qualities, especially at 6:15 a.m.  I appreciate her encouragement,  patience, and expertise.  She makes a very strenuous work out fun, and she is always creating new and different work out techniques so it's never boring.  She's a skilled, experienced trainer and an amazing person". 

Dana, Brentwood, CA

"One look at Majken and you know that she understands fitness, what it is and
how to achieve it.  Majken creates customized unique workouts which help
clients achieve their fitness goals efficiently while still having fun.  In
forty five minutes,  Majken will challenge you with exercises that will
tighten and tone as well as renew your confidence that your body can be
stronger and leaner than you ever thought possible.  As a woman, it is
always extremely powerful and inspiring to be trained by a woman who
understands the female form and can help any woman find her inner athlete
and svelte self"!

Anjali Phillips, 32yr, CA

"Majken was my personal trainer for 2 years during which I achieved all my
personal weight and fitness goals. She is very professional in her approach
and focused on results (with a smile!). I had some rehab issues with my
ACL's and she was very precise in the exercises and range of motion to help
me recover quickly from injuries. I would highly recommend Majken for any
fitness program and ability level".

Dennis Stajic, 51yr, CA

"I have competed at the highest level in a number of sports and have worked with some of the best coaches around...then I got married and my focus changed.  The last couple of years of marriage were very stressful and maintaining my conditioning, for the first time in my life, was not a priority.  Once my divorce was finalized it was very difficult for me to become motivated again.  Once you have been a competitive athlete it is hard to get motivated if you feel that you can't get back to your previous fitness level.  Why even bother!!!  Anyway to cut a long story short, I met a person who thought, with my background, I should try my hand at Triathlons.  I started training in a private one-on-one environment.  However, once I reached a certain level the gym could not take me beyond that since they did not really understand fitness beyond just being fit.  What I mean by this is, that as a competitive athlete one needs to go beyond just looking fit, you need to develop your body to actually perform at a higher level in the sport you have chosen.  I needed to find someone who knew about endurance sports and who knew enough about how the body works to optimize performance, someone who understood the intricacies of what to strengthen, what to build, how to develop coordination, the importance of flexibility, etc.  I was introduced to Majken.  She immediately spoke my language, understood who I was as an athlete and what I needed to do to improve how my body functioned.  Her knowledge is incredible and is applied very practically.  Not only did Majken strengthen my body from a shear strength and core standpoint but completed the picture by increasing my explosiveness and overall endurance.  She worked with me in preparation to the 2007 Los Angeles Triathlon, one of the largest triathlons in the country.  I placed 3rd in my category.  The proof is in the pudding. She is THE best trainer and conditioning coach I have ever worked with. Thank you Majken" 

Jens, Triathlete, Venice, CA

"My name is Catherine Honohan, and I am 15 years old. I have trained with Majken for the past two summers, and not only do I always leave with a sweat, feeling better, but she's a great person to talk to and laugh with. I was lucky to get such a great trainer and an amazing friend".

Catherine Honohan, 15yr, N.Y.

"Majken is a wonderful trainer; dedicated, focused and supportive.  Exactly 
what I needed in a personal trainer.  She never let me off the hook, when I'd 
whine, trying to get out of working out.  Majken would always say "c'mon Alyson 
you can do this".  She would make me accountable.  I'm grateful to Majken for 
this and the friendship we developed over the years.  In addition to being 
physically beautiful she is smart, down to earth, and overall a lovely person to 
know and work with.  We all need more people in our lives like Majken.  She's 
the best"!  

Alyson Michie, Newport Beach, CA

"My husband and I have been trained by Majken for the past two years.  Our goals were to be pushed physically with a professional that could be creative with our workouts. Majken exceeded our expectations.  Her professionalism was impressive and consistent. Always there, on time with enthusiasm, encouragement and a great knowledge of how to work out the body to achieve our goals. Her focus kept us on focus.  Although the work outs were challenging, neither of us suffered any injury as a result of working out with Majken for two years.  She was able to push us within a safe boundary, and kept our workouts interesting and effective with a vast diversity of exercises  We have worked out with a variety of personal trainers, and Majken is on the top of our list.  We feel very lucky to have been able to workout with her and will miss her".  

Mary & Bruce McDonald, Laguna Beach, CA

"Majken has been a true inspiration to my workout regimen.  She has taught me discipline not only w/my workout routine but also w/my diet.  She is the reason why I continue to train and with every session I leave feeling like I have pushed myself. Not only is she my trainer but she is also a friend".

Stephanie Sullivan, 35yr, CA

"I have had the good fortune to have Majken Poulsen as a personal trainer.  Majken is motivating, professional and knowledgeable.  She is excellent on technique, which is important to eliminate any chance of injury.  Majken has been a positive force for me towards a healthy lifestyle".

Kim Carson, Corona Del Mar, CA

"It has been a pleasure to work with you.  You are a very dedicated and disciplined person.  You're an excellent trainer and you read people very well.  I know that all the clients at House of Fitness will miss you a lot; and miss your great workouts!!  You are very inspiring and I think your positive attitude will take you far.  I wish you all the best in your move to L.A.

we'll all miss you",

Brandi Stotts, B.S. Kinesiology, Personal Trainer (House of Fitness), Corona del Mar, CA

"Majken is an excellent personal trainer. I have been training with her for the past two years, I had trained with other personal trainers in the past and most of them get you in a rut doing the same workout over and over, not necessarily doing what was right for my individual needs. Majken has evaluated and focused on my personal goals and put them into a very well structured training program. She is always very encouraging. A great motivator having me meet my maximum performance every session. She has made me kick butt and enjoy it at the same time.

Thank you Majken

You are an inspiration"!!!!

Bonnie Swarberg, CA

"I had been through five previous trainers before I met Majken and I have
been happy with her ever since. Majken's personal approach and attention to
detail make the training sessions effective and enjoyable. She understands the
complementary nature of training different muscles and the transition from one
muscle group to the next. My workouts with her are intense, efficient, and very
results oriented. I find myself looking forward to the next session. She is a
superb trainer and I highly recommend her".

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